Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Girl Scouts and Rock 'n' Roll

This weekend was a whirlwind and I am seriously exhausted still! It started out visiting a good friend who just had a baby girl on Friday night. It is fun to see her as a new mom and to meet my new 'niece', who is tiny yet so cute!

Saturday day was spent at Girltopia.  Girltopia is convention put on by the Girl Scouts.  As a former Girl Scout, as they say once a Girl Scout always a Girl Scout, I signed up to volunteer.  The Girl Scouts are also one of the philanthropies for my sorority, so I volunteered with friends who are also sorority sisters. We ended up in the Barbie station for Daisys and Brownies.

This station was a lot of fun.  They had three sections for the girls to participate in for the Barbie I Can Be campaign.  This campaign is designed to encourage girls to dream about being whatever they want to when they grow up.  Saturday, they experienced being a ballet dancer, an architect and a chef.  At the Ballet station they danced around in tutus, the architect station they colored houses, and the chef's station they decorated Girl Scout cookies.  Once all stations had been visited they earned a Barbie I Can Be patch.

This station was a HUGE hit.  By the time I left the line was two hours long and the girls LOVED it.  The marketing team for Mattel was phenomenal and I enjoyed watching everything I learned in my summer marketing class play out in real life.  It was refreshing to see a team work hard and really believe in the product/message they putting across to girls.  They were also having a blast.

When I was a little girl, that bag would be THE coolest thing ever!

That evening, I went to Halloween party at a friend's house and had the most amazing home cook Mexican food ever!  It was the perfect meal to eat the night before the LA Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon.

It was 5am & I was running late..

I did my best to dress up for the race on a tight budget.  I wore knee high socks, the sequined shirt and a hot pink sequin headband.  I was going for an 80s theme but ended up sparkle-y and realized that I must have been tough to look at running in the bright sun.  Some runners really got into their customes - gumby, super heroes, giraffes, and bunch of Waldo from Where's Waldo.

The race was really well done.  They had bands every few miles to keep you going.  I had a good run.  I was three minutes faster than my first post-surgery race.  I am slowly getting back into shape but I am not comparing post-sugery runs to pre-surgery runs. My ego can't handle that.

The reason I run these...

After the race, I got my complimentary beer from MGD. Honestly the best thing after a race is the taste of beer. Even Bud Lite tastes amazing after 13.1 miles.

After the beers, I listened to some of the live music then headed home to spend the rest of my day carving pumpkins, watching scary movies and cooking dinner with my roommate.

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  1. You're a true blogger now, taking pics of all the stuff at the event :) It was so much fun to volunteer. We should totally find more events to volunteer for...