Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Things have been pretty crazy at work, school and life in general.  These things have been pretty serious as well and I was looking for some humor and lightheartedness. My finance class is unintentionally humorous in which it is laughable at how much I have no idea what is going on in it.  I am not the only one who feels this way but finance class does not bring happiness to my life.

The other day I upgraded my iPhone to the 05 operating system (which I LOVE!).  I was playing around on my phone with the new settings and decided to change my ring tone and text alerts.  My text alert is now Will Ferrell yelling "We're going streaking" from Old School.

We're going streaking! We're going up through the quad to the gymnasium!

This makes me giggle every time I get a text.  The first time it scared me to death, but now I love it.  I  just need to make sure my phone is on silent at work now.  What little things in your life make you laugh?

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