Thursday, March 1, 2012

18 Days and Counting....

Last January I was in the hospital waiting for my hip surgery to take place.  My parents were there to hang out with me, keep my mind off the nurse who failed a few times to get my IV working and to help embarrass me in front of the cute resident doctor (trust me I didn't need their help, I did just fine on my own in the embarrassment department).  My mom was great during this time and while I was trying to keep my cool with the IV fiasco she was asking me to imagine myself on one of my European vacations and describe it her.  All I could think about in that moment was the San Francisco Marathon.  The first half.  proceeded to tell her in detail the race.  At the time, I had only done 5 half marathons.  I never had the desire run more than 13 miles, but if I were going to have hip surgery at 29 then let's do a full marathon.

The LA Marathon is 18 days away on March 18th.  I am signed up.  I joined a running a group in June and have been training to not only get back into shape but to run 26.2 miles.  During my training I have run 3 more half marathons and have shaved 9 minutes off my first post surgery half marathon time.  I have two 20 mile runs under my belt.  I ran 18 miles in the rain, the only time it rained that weekend.  I bought a hot pink fuel pack and watch.  I have learned to stay hydrated and fueled during long runs.  I even broke a board at my sorority's national convention with the goal of running the LA Marathon on it.  On all accounts I am prepared to rock this run.  This run that is a marathon but not until March 2012... 

I wasn't kidding about the broken board!

Now that it is March, I am so nervous about this race.  It is all I can think about.  I apologize to my friends and family because it is all I can talk about as well.  I am also dealing with a knee issue.  Not a running injury but a falling on my knee almost doing the splits on Ventura Blvd. during rush hour issue (completely sober, I must add).  A I am glad no one stopped to asked if I was OK fall, but a surprised no one said anything fall.  A pretend everything is OK at the CAB meeting but praying there is no blood soaking through your jeans fall.  A lump the size of a golf ball on my knee fall which is resulting in not being able to walk/run without pain issue.  I have not run since Sunday, I am taking Traumeel and icing my knee constantly.  Yesterday I went all day without pain, today I wore boots with a slight heel and welcome back knee pain. 

Right now I am glad it is only March 1st.  I have two weeks to not wear cute shoes and heal my knee.  I have weeks of work, school and birthday celebrations for friends between now and the race.  How did March get here to fast though?  If feels like I just called the resident doctor cute to his face while not wearing any makeup, with my glasses and hospital gown on thinking 'oh yeah, marathon next year - totally!'.