Sunday, February 19, 2012


It has been a whirlwind these past two months. The holidays were a lot of fun but busy.  I then flew out to Dallas for work for a week. Had to make some big decisions for work, all very good and I am happy to say I will be continuing my work in legal for the time being.  School started with a presentation the second week  and a midterm the fourth week. I have neglected this blog and I hope to get back on tract.  Starting with a recap of my fantastic New Years in Seattle.
My best friend and I met when we were 12 in junior high school and we are going on 18 years strong.  The majority of our friendship has been spent with the country dividing us. She went to undergrad and grad school in Michigan and Indiana, while I opted for the warmer climate of Southern California. When we turned 16 we threw surprise parties for each other and with our 30th birthdays approaching we decided to celebrate over New Years.  We picked Seattle because it is a city neither of us have visited in the past and Australia was too expensive (for now).

We both arrived on the Friday before New Years and went on a fantastic pub crawl.  We went to the Athenian in Pike's Market where Tom Hanks talks about swatches in Sleepless in Seattle.  The beer came in frosty glasses and was amazing. We then went on Pike's Place Brewery and got a tour of how they make the local beer.

Very hoppy, but I liked it that way.
 We passed by the wall of gum on the way to the other two bars...

It is just as disgusting as it looks

Saturday we went to Pike's Place and walked around.  Then did the Underground Tours of Seattle.


That night we spent New Years on the Space Needle, the fireworks were all around us.  It was amazing.

Our view of the fireworks

The Needle at night.

Me in front of the balls o' trees.

The next day we took a tour of Seattle by boat.  It was so clear out we actually saw Mt. Rainier!

Mt. Rainier and Seahawk Sadium

Downtown Seattle

The Needle

Sleepless in Seatlle House Boat

Monday morning we got up early to get coffee at the orginal Starbucks.  Unfortunately it was closed for the week for remodeling.  So we hung out and watched the market slowly come alive.


Empty Market

Scandalous Original Starbucks Sign

I loved that they had Washington's head on the highway signs.

All the food in the market looked amazing, next time we are cooking.

We had a fantastic time.  It was a great escape from reality that lead to a Sleepless in Seattle movie night when I came back. 

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  1. How fun!! I love the gloomy weather up there...